Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong.


As part of the band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong helped introduce a unique brand of melodic East Bay punk to the world. At a time when rock 'n' roll was predominantly moody and melancholic, Green Day channeled the same insurgent angst into a discography that brims with buoyance and energy.

Billie Joe's relationship to Dunlop gear goes back to the band's beginnings—ever since recording Green Day's groundbreaking record Dookie, he has used Tortex Picks to strum out the band's memorable and unmistakable chord progressions. "There's Tortex Yellow all over that record," he says.

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And speaking of Dookie, Billie Joe teamed up with the MXR design team to capture the dirty punch and articulation of the guitar tone he used on that record in the form of the Dookie™ Drive. “My modded Marshall Super Leads have been my live tone since 1994," he says. "The MXR Dookie Drive clones that sound in one pedal.”