Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson is a guitar player’s guitar player, famed and highly respected for his technical prowess and deft blending of different musical styles, from jazz to New Age to country western. Famous for his particularity and high-standards when it comes to his equipment, Eric doesn't settle for sub-par gear. No one cares more about tone than he does, so it's no surprise that he's adopted the Jazz III Pick and the Fuzz Face Distortion as indispensable elements of his signature sound.

“I first saw the Jazz III years ago in a music store and decided to try it out,” Eric says. “After that, I knew it was the pick for me. The shape is right, and the material on my signature version produces the tone I need.”
To create the Eric Johnson Jazz III Pick, we laser-scanned a favored vintage example from his personal collection and recreated all of its unique features, including a smoother, more refined tip.

Eric's love for the Fuzz Face® Distortion goes back even further. “I first heard the Fuzz Face while listening to Jimi Hendrix when I was about twelve," he says. "I picked one up as soon as I could, and I loved playing through it. No other pedal gets this type of sound—it’s the pinnacle of psychedelic fuzz.” As with Eric's Jazz III Pick, we looked to his personal collection when creating his signature Fuzz Face Distortion. The result takes inspiration from several of his favorites, featuring hand-selected high-gain BC138 silicon transistors for a dynamic, expressive, and powerful sound.