The GrooveTech Cheater Driver Truss Rod Tool is specially designed for quick adjustments to vintage-style truss rod nuts without the hassle of removing your instrument’s neck from its body.

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The GrooveTech Cheater Driver Truss Rod Tool is a must-have for frustration-free setups that protect your priceless vintage instruments. Vintage-style truss rod nuts have long, thin slots and are made of unhardened steel, so normal slotted screwdrivers will cause damage. Further, full access to the nut usually requires removal of the neck. The Cheater Driver Truss Rod Tool is specially designed to allow for quick minor adjustments without removing the neck. For easy access and handling, it comes with an extra-long shaft and an oversized handle.

To get the most out of the Cheater Driver Truss Rod Tool and ensure proper care for your instrument, we recommend the following best practices. First, the instrument should have a working truss rod and nut and should have had a proper setup in the past—the GrooveTech Standard Truss Rod Driver is a must-have for full setups on vintage instruments. If you aren’t sure about this, then have your instrument looked at by a qualified technician. Second, when making adjustments with the Cheater Truss Rod Tool, ensure that the entire tip is in contact with the outside half of the nut slot. Make small adjustments at a time without forcing nut movement. A firm, steady force works best. If your nut has been chewed up from previous use, you probably should remove the neck and use our Standard Truss Rod Driver to prevent further damage.

GrooveTech Tools offer a lifetime of quality instrument care for players of all levels. They’re built to last in the workshop and on the road, and they’re easy to use so that anyone can start working toward a better playing experience. Every tool. Every need. Every player.

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