The GrooveTech Standard Truss Rod Driver allows for safe, frustration-free adjustments of your favorite vintage instruments, ensuring firm contact across the entire width of vintage-style truss rod nuts.

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The GrooveTech Standard Truss Rod Driver is a must-have for frustration-free setups that protect your priceless vintage instruments. Vintage-style truss rod nuts have long, thin slots and are made of unhardened steel, so normal slotted screwdrivers will cause damage. The GrooveTech Standard Truss Rod Driver provides firm contact over the entire slot width for damage-free adjustment, offering easy access and comfortable handling thanks to an extra-long shaft and an oversized handles.

GrooveTech Tools offer a lifetime of quality instrument care for players of all levels. They’re built to last in the workshop and on the road, and they’re easy to use so that anyone can start working toward a better playing experience. Every tool. Every need. Every player.

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