A lifelong bass player, MonoNeon first demonstrated his incredible chops and phenomenal feel with YouTube videos that became hilarious viral sensations. This brought him to the attention of pop icon Prince, who tapped the gifted bassist to lend his jaw-dropping skills to protege Judith Hill as well as to his own live band. Since then, he has played with other masterfully talented musicians such as Eric Gales and as part of the Snarky Puppy spin-off group GhostNote.

Mononeon proudly uses Dunlop Super Bright™ Nickel Wound Strings; Tortex .73mm Picks; the Bass Envelope Filter, the Sub Octave Bass Fuzz, and the Bass Octave Deluxe from MXR®; and the Cry Baby® Mini Bass Wah. “These strings feel and sound dope-age!” he says about Dunlop Super Bright Bass Strings. “Doesn’t matter when these strings get old from dirt and sweat—they still hold up for whatever I want to play.”