Made from nylon, this pick adds smooth, warm tone to the aerodynamic profile, focused attack, and fast release of the Flow Pick shape.

Available May 2024

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The Long Story

The Flow Nylon Pick masterfully combines tradition and innovation to enhance your technique and performance. We started with a custom blend of nylon that enhances the high-performance design of the Flow Pick shape. Its sharp tip will hold its shape when you dig in, allowing you to hit every note with precision while delivering the round warmth and smooth, quiet attack that nylon is famous for. Likewise, we tweaked the Flow Pick design to complement this custom nylon blend. Along with its now-famous wide angle and sharp tip, we re-engineered the beveled edges and created an enhanced gripping pattern for an even more fluid and comfortable playing experience.

The Flow Nylon Pick joins a growing family of picks made from the Flow Pick design, and it builds on Dunlop’s legacy of pioneering nylon pick designs that began with our very first offerings. Put the spotlight on your tone and technique with the Flow Nylon Pick.

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